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My doctor just asked me how/if he can bill for the time he spends on reviewing and signing labs, test results, etc. for patients that are in home health, assisted living, nursing homes, etc. I see the codes 99339,99340 and 99374-993820 and i find them a bit confusing as to which to choose. He would like to know the rules of who can bill and what documentation is needed and how he figures out the time spent. where can i find this information? any help would be appreciated.:confused:
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From the codes 99339, 99340 It looks like the lab, communications, assessments and other services are included in these codes. Time is 15 to 29 minutes for 99339 and each additional 30 minutes are in 99340. Codes 99374 and 99375 are NOT for nursing facilities or Home Health agencies. These codes also have lab, communications, and assessments included in these codes as well. Since I have not been verified that I passed the CPC yet (just took the test) you may want to look into this again yourself.