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St Petersburg, FL
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I'm interested in breaking into the auditing field. I currently work for a multi-specialty pediatric group, it's the only coding position I've had, and there is no room for growth here. It seems i have to move out to move up. I think the adult world is the way to go, especially because of medicare, but what about HCC coding and risk adjustment coding? I can see a future in compliance alongside auditing but I am really lacking direction because i just don't know what to expect :confused:. any advice/direction is welcome! some of my questions:

what kind of experience should i be looking to get? What skills should i work at strengthening?
what are short term and long term goals?
any advice on adult primary care as a launching pad from multi-specialty peds?
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CPMA and CPB course

I would Recommend the CPMA course and CPB course and obtain those certifications for another building block. Then expand further into risk adjustment or compliance. Facilities need experienced staff with knowledge to assist with Charge Master and Charge Compliance- that is another field I have witnessed growth in.

Good luck.