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Appleton, WI
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We have a Dr. performing cataract surgery (66982-66984) and wanting to provide a lens product (Alcon Toric and Restor) that is considered an upgrade to current lens implants used for cataract surgery. Medicare will make a partial payment for this. Does anyone know how to code? I have only seen modifiers for straight denials nothing for partial payment. Any help is great!
To bill for the Toric lens use V2787 and a DX of 367.20
To bill for the Multifocal lens use V2788 and a Dx of 367.4
Bill for the Cataract Surgery as you usually would. 66984 and for complex 66982
I cannot tell if you are billing for a Physician or an ASC. If it is for the Physician services these lenses are not covered by insurance. Hope this helps