Caths and angios ... HELP PLEASE!!!


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My doc dictated:
1.Rt lower extremity runoff via lt common femoral artery retrograde access.
2.Atherectomy with a CSI 2.0 classic bur to the rt peroneal
3. rt peroneal artery angioplasty with a 2.5x20mm balloon
4. CSI artherectomy with a 2.0 classi bur to the rt posterior tibial artery
5. Angioplasty of the right posterior tibial artery with a 2.5x20mm balloon
6. intravascular nitroglycerin injections
7. aspiration thrombectomy of the rt popiteal and rt peroneal with pronto catheter
8. Suction aspiration with an angiojet catheter to the rt popitealand rt peroneal arteries
9. cragg-mcnamara lysis catheter placement in the rt popiteal and peroneal arteries 50 cm infusion lenght ( last procedure done after angiogram)
10. bolus injection of TPA to the rt popiteal and peroneal arteries
11. radiologic supervision and interpretation

Please help me code this