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Good morning,
My doc did a rt knee iDuo 2-part joint replacement, note states.." the patella was everted and measured for a size 35 patella, the patella was cut flat removing 8mm of bone. Three drill holes were made for the patella. The knee was then flexed up and the guide was used to determine resection level on the distal femur and cartilage was removed from the distal femur. The distal cutting guide was applied and bone removed anteriorly and posteriorly. The tibal cutting, size A, gave the best fit in full estension and th is was used to make the upper tibial cut. Drill holes were made in distal femur, the peg holes and keel hole made in the upper tibial. The knee was irrigated and dried and the the tibial component was cemented in place."

cpt codes 27446 and 27438.. cci edits states the are allowed w/ proper question is other than a 59 modifer what would be an appropriate modifier??

Thank you for your response, unfortunately, it was only a medial replacement and patellofemoral, not a lateral repalcement ..thanks