Wiki cci edits and Chiro

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Under the cci edits a Chiro cannot bill a CMT & 97140 because they are bundled. But, it can be unbundled with a modifier 59 if the 97140/manual manipulation is done in a different region. My question is: if the chiro bills 98940 which is 1-2 regions of CMT and also bills a 97140/manual manipulation with a 59 for another 3rd region, does the Chiro have the option of using the 97140 with the 59 for that 3rd region, or should he choose the 98941 which is for 3-4 CMT regions? If the Chiro selects to use the 97140 with the 59 can it still be considered unbundling because he did not upcode to the 98941 code which covers 3-4 regions to begin with?:rolleyes:
I agree with tsmith! :D The more appropriate way to bill it is by using CPT 98941 which is more comprehensive than 98940 & 97140.