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Can someone help me? I seem to have lost my mind, and any knowledge I ever had :eek: I am billing for a podiatrist and she is billing 11719 and 11720 and she places 59 on both codes - I know that is incorrect - I cannot see on the CCI edit chart that either one needs a modifier? but in my podiaty companion it states that 11719 not with 11720-11721 - so that means 11720 would need a 59 modifier? Am I anywhere near correct? And why can't I see this on the CCI edits???? Someone help
Thanks Cyndi

Your codes are listed on the CCI Edits. They are on the mutually exclusive page. The indicator is (1) when billing 11720 with 11719 (59 goes on the 11720). The indicator when billing 11719 and 11721 is (0) meaning it is not allowed.

Hope this helps!
Good Luck!
thank you sooooo much - I forgot about the mutually exclusive list - having a hard time getting the information online for some reason. I'm glad I haven't completely lost my mind though :rolleyes: