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This question is for anyone willing to share their experience. Currently have 110+ physician group that is decentralized coding at site per each clinic. I am contemplating the benefits vs disadvantages of centralizing everything due to $ savings. Please share your experiences if you have managed or worked in both environments, the organizational structure of the centralization and whether it ultimately was an improvement as far as coding quality, $ savings, etc.. Thanks!:)
While centralized lends itself more readily to standardized (procedures, protocols, etc), it also has a tendency to break rapport with clinical staff. At a time when documentation improvement and P4P issues in reimbursement are most important to our job functions, I believe nothing can replace that trust between clinicians and the coding staff.

I suppose you really could find some folks just to do the documentation improvement, but I think strong work-veteraned coders are the best for these types of roles.

Good luck!