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Lafayette , LA
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I just took my certification test today and I wasn't able to complete the test I only was able to complete 98 out of 150 questions I feel like I had a bit of test anxiety and freak myself out when I kept looking at the clock. Is there any advice that anyone can give me in case I have to retake it which is highly possible with the factor the incompletion
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When you take the test don't try to code everything. Look at the answers provided and exclude the ones you know are not right, like two dx codes being used together that are excluded. You can usually narrow the answers down to two doing this then look at the cpt codes and do the same. If you try to code every question yourself you'll run out of time every time. AAPC wants to make sure you know the coding guidelines. Hope this helps. Good luck next time.
Skip around as well. I do get pretty bad test anxiety even had a mild panic attack a few weeks out. my PCP gave me RX for Lorazepam which helped me relax and focus in the weeks before and during the exam. I did get a little nervous but stopped for a few seconds and took some deep breaths and kept on. I finished with a lot of time to spare. Another thing to remember to do is skip around. It would be bad to not get to the easier questions at the end because you stressed yourself out in the beginning. A few of the questions were enough to give anyone an anxiety attack. Remember they are all worth the same number of points no matter the complexity and length. It's best not to waste time on a question that you will probably get wrong anyways when you could probably have 10 easy ones in the same time frame.
If you take the time to read the questions carefully and take notes before you look at the answers, you are dead meat (unless your name is Evelyn Wood). Check the answers, scan the question for rule outs, then find something remaining in the question to eliminate the last choices (which hopefully are now down to 2 out of 4)