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:confused: I was wondering if anyone knew if an office visit such as a 99211 for an obstetric intake visit can be billed under the assistant? Coming from a physician office this was not allowed but in the OB/GYN office I am in now they say you can. I would just like to be sure before coding and billing under their name. Thanks so much! Bonnie
99211's do not require the presence of the physician so I would say yes. We have done so in the past on rare occasions so if anyone disagree's, please let us both know.
ob visit

If another doc already billed for the initial visit (confirmation appt) and this is for documentation of the ACOGS I wouldn't bill it. My old practice had OBs come in just so the nurse or assistant could fill in history, risks, etc in the chart so they would have it to review at the New Ob appt. I would think that most ins companies would consider that as part of the global.
I agree with ladyk113 - if the patient was already initially seen for her OB - then the follow-ups are a no charge - part of the OB global package.
Once the OB flow sheets are started, it is if the 99211 is being coded for the nurse to fill out parts of those records, I think that would be incorrect coding.