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I keep reading that 36 CEU's are due every 2 years. I am not taking my test until 8/25. Should I go ahead and begin working on CEU's or wait till after test results are in? Now that I am a member, I am to renew June 2013, but I assume I still need to be taking CEU's (even I do not pass the test the 1st time around)......
You do not need CEUs until you pass the test. Any CEUs you obtain prior to becoming certified will not count. Once you pass the certification exam AAPC will prorate the number of CEUs that are required and they will let you know how many you will need before your renewal date.
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Yes, you should not aquire CEUs now in an attempt to get a headstart on them because they will not count.

I will also add that on AAPC there is an archieve of "recent" Coding Edge Test Yourself tests, that are worth 1 CEU. When you recieve your certification you will only be able to submit the Coding Edge test for the month in which you got your crediental and forward.

You will not be able to submit Coding Edge Test Yourself CEUs that were published BEFORE you became certified.