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Palmer, AK
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:confused:Can anyone help me? I have a patient that asked for a lipid screening, the provider ordered it and the patient had it done. He was called the next day with the result and was told he need to come in because his levels were high, he came in a week later. The original claim was billed with the diagnosis code Z13.220 (Encounter for screening for lipoid disorders). Because the patient was notified the day after the test was performed and came in a week later where the provider documented he reviewed the labs and they were abnormal (high) would it be safe to change the billing diagnosis code to E78.5 (Hyperlipidemia, unspecified)?:confused:
If it was done initially for screening purposes you wouldn't change the DX of the initial encounter as they were not diagnosed with hyperlipidemia during that visit. The follow up visit you might be able to code E78 but that depends on what the physician documented. If its just abnormally high and Dr. doesn't mention anything about hyperlipidemia then no you can't code it.