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Hello. I am doing research for a friend of mine. How does one start charging out to insurance companies. The facility is used to being paid by the government to care for their employees (has thousands of them) and would like to start billing out services to insurance companies so that the people around this certain location doesn't have to drive too far. Any ideas?
I am not sure but I would think they may be able to go to some of the insurance sites and look for creditianlly information.

Do they have a computer software to use? They may want to find a software company where they can enter charges and send them out.

They may want to look into their local MGMA and/or local medical society. Both of these groups have access to help new doctors etc get set up. I know ours have members that are consulting businesses that aid in this sort of thing.

For Medicare, the online manual may help:
100 Introduction
100-01 Medicare General Information, Eligibility and Entitlement Manual
100-02 Medicare Benefit Policy Manual

Just a few ideas. Like I said, I am not sure, just thoughts that came to mind.