charging for protimes

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I need to know the rule for charging pt's when they come in for protime.. I know if they dont see the doctor they are only charged the protime and fingerstick(unless MC). Can they see the Medical Assistant instead of the doctor and be charged 99211? what all does the MA need to do to be able to charge this code?
thank you
If the primary reason for the visit was the protime, then the answer is no a 99211 does not qualify in that scenerio.

If the patient needs to speak to the nurse/MA for a seperate reason.....discuss for example foods to aviod, venipuncture site irritation, or another topic unrelated to the actual protime (medication adjustments are not qualifiers) then yes a 99211 is warrented.
Depending on the situation you may bill just for labs. However, if the patient requires more than labs and your documentation supports it... you may bill a 99211 with your labs.

Just make sure your documentation is clear as to why the 99211 was "medically necessary".