Chemotherapy Infusion Coding

Arlington, Tennessee
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I would appreciate any advice re: proper chemotherapy infusion coding.
Scenario: medications thru one single port, in physician ofc setting.
Start time - 1330 Stop Time 1700
Anzmet (antiemetic) 100mg IV
Start time - 1345 Stop Time 1700
Decadron (steroidal drug) 10 mg
Start time - 1400 Stop Time 1700
Cisplatin (cancer drug) 30 mg IV
Start time - 1400 Stop Time 1700
Mannitol (osmotic diuretic agent) 12.5 gm IV
Start time 1400 Stop Time 17:00
Magnesium 4 meq IV
Start time 1700 Stop time 1700 (I suspect this stop time is an error)
Fluorouracil (Chemotherapy drug) 500 mg.

I understand the Cisplatin should be the initial infusion code as the Chemo admin code and 96413 would cover the 1st hr. Then +96415, 3 units to cover the remaining time. I am thinking I use 96417 to bill for the other cancer drug Fluoroaracil as a sequential infusion Where I become confused is with the Mannitol and Magnesim running concurrently (96365 & 96368?) and then I am not sure how to code the Anzmet and decadron?

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I am very confused!