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Hello everyone can someone please tell me how you would code, final dx 1) chest pain 2) recent myocardial infarction? no where in the chart does it say pt had or when she had a myocardial infarction except for his final dx, it does say in the hpi that pt had neck and jaw tighness, chest pain the past 6 days with pain decreasing..I'm thinking i am probably going to have to send back to get clarification..thank you for all the help..alice
My apologies, I have been teaching ICD-10 CM and imposed that guideline here. however if you look at the 5th digit explanation you see under the fifth digit of 2 it states to use the acute code with a fifth digit of 2 for subsequent encounters for an MI that has received initial treatment bu is still less than eight weeks old. so for ICD-9 the timeframe is 8 weeks.