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We are confussed as to when we can bill a chest x ray for tube placement. I am aware of the xray being bundled with the actual procedure so we can not bill. But when they are doing the xray 1-3 days later to check it's placement can we bill? If so how?? Or even done later that day. How should we be billing??:confused: Any input will help Thanks
Here is my understanding -- if the chest x-ray is immediately after the cath placement it is considered bundled. However, if the chest x-ray is to confirm it is STILL in the proper location, or that it is functioning it is not bundled. The only ones that you really have to watch out for are the ones that are done on the same day as the cath placement as any chest xrays done after that day are not going to be for initial confirmation.
Oh and IF done on the same day for another reason than initial placement confirmation you would bill using a 59 modifier.
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