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When coding a inpatient hospital subsequent day after mother has the baby, what code would you use? Z391, Z392 or both? please explain. I have several different opinions in my department.
visits after delivery

I was told to use the diagnosis codes from the delivery for these since that's what the patient was originally admitted for, and these are subsequent hospital visits for the same admission. Z39.2 would be for the routine 6 or 8-week postpartum visit in the office.
If you are billing for the provider that is seeing the patient post delivery in the inpatient setting the you use the appropriate Z39 code for postpartum care. The visit is part of the OB global and not separately billable. It would be hard to say which Z39 code without more information. But generally Z39.2 will be correct. You cannot use a pregnancy code or a delivery diagnosis code as that is not the patient condition at the time of the visit.