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Alexandria, MN
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We have had a provider say that code 97039 is not a valid code. What we use this code for is interseg intereseg mobil w/heat & vibrate. We have been using this code until recently with no problems. When I called the payer and asked what code we should use instead, the person I talked to told me to use 97022 which is whirlpool therapy. This is not the code I need. Can someone help me figure out what code to use. The person that held my position before said the bills went fine.
97039 is a code for unlisted modality which is probably why it's getting denied. Is this occurring with one particular payer or all payers? I'm not understanding what you mean by interseg intereseg mobil w/heat & vibrate. Do you mean a chiro adjustment with heat & e-stim? If so, then I would bill 9894x, 97010, & 97014.
Kizzie Savage

In chiropractic you are suppose to sent the supporting documentation on what you are using that particular code for. For example, if you are using it for hydrobed, the you put 97039 and sent the hydrobed information with it. It's what I use to get paid all the time