Chiropractic help!!!!!!

N Fort Myers, FL
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I am doing billing for several chiropratic offices in several different states.
I am only familiar with the state of Florida. Is there a way to find out what insurance companies are better than others in different states. Thanks :)
I would just google the particular carrier. For example: United Health Care, Chiropractic Guidelines. You can see what the rules are because they do vary from carrier to carrier and get a general idea. Unless you are signed up for each payer under the chiropractor's name, you probably will not be able to access a fee schedule. You can always ask the person in charge of obtaining and verifying eligibility if they can add your name to the login site for specific information such as claim status, eligibility (since many front desk staff fail to do this!)and have e-mail notifications sent to you. You would need access to the sites to do your follow-up anyway.
My husband is a chiropractor and my office does his billing. It really helps to have a link to all his contracted payers!