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Good morning, I am new to chiropractic coding and billing. I am working for a chiropractor that provides mobile chiropractic care for patients. I am billing for some mobile visits and the sites are at the patients home, would the location address be the patient's home or the address for the provider's office? Thank you for assisting me with this question
15Mobile UnitA facility/unit that moves from place-to-place equipped to provide preventive, screening, diagnostic, and/or treatment services.
(Effective January 1, 2003)
Meant to include this: Special Considerations for Mobile Unit Settings (Code 15) When services are furnished in a mobile unit, they are often provided to serve an entity for which another POS code exists. For example, a mobile unit may be sent to a physician’s office or a skilled nursing facility. If the mobile unit is serving an entity for which another POS code already exists, providers should use the POS code for that entity. However, if the mobile unit is not serving an entity which could be described by an existing POS code, the providers are to use the Mobile Unit POS code 15. Apply the nonfacility rate to payments for services designated as being furnished in POS code 15; apply the appropriate facility or nonfacility rate for the POS code designated when a code other than the mobile unit code is indicated.

So under these special considerations, it would be HOME.