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Does anyone know if chiropractors can bill for kinesio taping or do they have to be certified?

Cpt code for Kinesio taping

Can someone tell me what the cpt code is for Kinesio Taping?

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29200 - Thorax
29240 - Shoulder
29260 - Elbow or Wrist
29280 - Hand or Finger
29520 - Hip
29530 - Knee
29540 - Ankle and/or Foot
29550 - Toes
Our office has been billing 97139 for Kinesio tape...if the Dr was certified to tape would this then be a covered service?

Sorry to disagree here, but the strapping codes are not usable for kinesio taping. The March 2012 CPT assistant has a terrific article on this. Basically states the strapping codes are for immobilization of the joints (think shoulder strapping or wrapping of the ribs/thorax). Simple kinesiotaping (using of tape to restrict or assist in the movement of particular muscle groups) would be considered as part of either 97110 or 97112. If only providing taping services, it may be best to only charge for the supply itself. Also, if you can find a copy of the American Chiropractic Association's (ACA) public guidelines from 2014, they also back this idea. Hope this helps
Any 2016 updates on kinesio taping?

Does anyone knows what codes to use more recently?
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Kinesio Taping

I agree with Brian, I work for a payor and we do not pay strapping (used to immobilize) for kinesio (used to assist in movement) taping. We accept 97112 for kinesio taping.