Wiki Chronic Kidney Failure with Mass/Leasion

How would you code the diagnosis

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I'm having a problem with the diagnosis for left Kidney Failure CPT 50250/LT
there is "no path report". A CT revealed a 3.0 cm mass/leasion on the left
kidney. I coded the diagnosis 585.9 (Chronic renal failure) and 236.91
(Neoplasm of uncertain behavior kidney & ureter), but unsure of the
236.91. You Urology coders I need your help)!:confused:
Mass lesion, kidney

A mass is not the same as a neoplasm. I think you could add 593.89 or 593.9 for the mass in the kidney; until you get a pathology report or your physician specifically states that the mass is neoplastic (and how would he/she know without the path report?) you should not "give" this patient a neoplasm.:
I think Adevine has a point, until you don't have a patho report and the doctor didn't say that it is a neoplasm, then you can't report it as a neoplasm. I would go for the 593.89 (Other specified disorder of kidney and ureter - Other) it's much safer..