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What is the correct icd-9 code for a circumcision.
I was told that the V50.2 is no longer a valid code?
I use the CPT code 54150 and they it is correct but the V50.2 is ritual only
should I use 605 in place of V50.2?
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Well, what is the reason the patient is getting a circumcision? Is it a routine (V50.2) circumcision because the baby is newborn, or does the patient have a medical issue requiring a circumcision, such as 605?

V50.2 is a valid and correct code when performing a routine circumcision. I code this out every day.

Cordelia, CCS, CPC
It is a routine newborn for which I use the V50.2 all the time.
I'm not sure what to do now since they will not reprocess this claim unless it has a
different code.will have to appeal there descision.

Is the dx code the problem? What you've coded seems correct but I think lots of insurance companies don't allow for coverage for the routine circs.