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Question regarding 63030-63047. I had posted a question previously regarding the Surgeon performing a Foraminotomies & Medial Facetectomies without performing a Diskectomy and which code should be used and i was told to go with 63030. However i am seeing some back and forth about these codes and wanted to know if anyone had a certified source that they could refer so i can get clarification that when a Procedure is performed for a Facetectomy and Foraminotomy without a Laminectomy and a Diskectomy which codes would be used? I inquired with the docs and they do not use the Diagnose to drive their procedures.

So in essence my question is "Does the Discectomy either being performed or not drive the 63020-63047 codes including the Revision 63042 code, even when the Lamina is not removed?"

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Melanie Michon
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