Clarifying Care Plan oversight-help please

Syracuse, NY
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Hi everyone!
I have a pediatric pt who has been admitted to a psychiatric inpatient facility. The parents are in constant contact with my doc, regarding progress, transfers, etc. My doc has been tracking her attempts to connect with the parents, the unit, various counselors, etc. My doc documents her call attempts (1 min, 3 min, etc) and any conversations she has had with unit counselors, staff, or parents. (10 min, 18 min, etc.) The child came out of the unit, but right back 24hr later after ER visit. My doc submitted all of this time throughout the month (tot-60 min) to be billed as CPO. I have read the guidelines and nothing "feels" right. It's not care in Home, home healthcare, hospice, SNF (traditional), or a domiciliary or rest home. There is no "nursing care" other than passing meds, which pt was NOT given. The parents contacted the Doc, but the unit never initiated contact-so can I really say "recurrent supervision of therapy" was "required"? We aren't Medicare, so if ANY code maybe 99380? I don't think we are meeting the bar here to bill-Thoughts? Suggestions anyone? THANK YOU!