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We have a small chiropractic office and would say we bill out 250 a month and we use a system called Chirotouch. We are about to switch over to in house billing and I am trying to choose a clearinghouse and make sure that I can do this right. It's between OfficeAlly (which is more affordable, and our billing company uses at this time) and Trizetto (which is nice cause it links up with chirotouch) Can anyone share there experience with these companies?
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My company is chirotouch specific. We bill for about 50 doctors. We have two on office ally and the rest are on trizetto. Trizetto has a more robust billing service. You can correct claims, drop to paper, process auto/wc (must set it up) and if you go through the chirotouch ctproclear, it's all for one price. Office Ally is free but you really get what you pay for. Problematic for seconds, claims seem to get lost more often. That said, when you're a small office and are doing it in house, you can keep up with it more easily than an outsourced company can. Feel free to call me if you have specific questions. Am happy to help. Sheri Frost 910-399-8686 (Chirobill NC)
We use Office Ally for our commercial claims and have very limited issues with them. The most important rule is to follow your claims and review your confirmation reports. This will let you know what claims were submitted and which ones rejected and why.
We have a small office and use both chirotouch and office ally. The learning curve is pretty quick with office ally. I would start with that.