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Hi, I work for a pain management practice where we often do drug testing (for prescription as well as illegal substances.) When a PT comes in he or she gives a sample which is then read by our MA (the cup has test strips already inside and the MA checks each to see if the results are positive or negative.) After this the same cup is sent to a laboratory for full spectrum. We have not been charging for our portion of the drug test which I feel should be a CLIA waived test since we do have to collect the sample, read the results, and then notify the DR. I would love some help here as to what code I should be using for this portion of the exam. Also should I be using one code for CMS and one code for commercial?
Any help would be great, thanks.
Clia waive test

Not knowing what state you are in, I'm in Texas and Trailblazers has a Path/Lab manual on it's website and it has a section on the waived test, It has a list of the CPT codes and manufactures and information on the QW modifier. I believe it is also on the CMS website.