Wiki CMC arthroplasty and MCP contracture releasand pinning

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I Really need help with this procedure

1. Left thumb CMC joint arthroplasty with FCR tendon transfer from forearm (25447 and 25310)

2. left thumb MCP joint contracture relase, volar plication and joint pinning ????

3. Left thumb extendor tenolysis (26445 and 26445)

i know i have number one right and it matches witht dictation. what i need help on is number two and three! below is the portion of the OP report with 2 and 3 procedure in it.

"attention was turned to the left thumb MCP joint contracture release and extensor tenolysis. a id lateral incision was then utilized. The adductor aponeurosis was then divided longitudinally and transversly with T-type incision dorsally. Care was taken to identify and protect the EPL and EPB tendonsas well as adductor aponeurosis.

The MCP joint could be passivly fixed to approximentalty 45 degrees. with this position held 0.045 Kirschner wire was then placed across the MCP joint from distal dorsal to proximal volar to secure this flexed position

The Joint capsule remained open. the capsule was approximated covering the arthoroplasty space with sutures. the skin was approximated to itself

do you know what i should use?