CMS Addition of Home Visit Codes during COVID-19


Huntington, TX
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Recently, CMS added codes 99341-99345, 99347-99350. (Home Visits) to the list of covered Telehealth Services during the PHE. We have an office that wants to go back and resubmit these codes to replace the office visit codes because their Telehealth Technology Vendor has told them they will get reimbursed at a higher fee.

First, why the addition of these codes? For Telehealth visits, aren't the majority of the services provided to patients at home? CMS previously provided guidance to code/bill as if the service was provided in person, using 99201-99215. The provider that wants to change her coding is in the office, providing Telehealth encounters via live interactive video to patient's at home.

I hope I am making sense, because I don't understand WHEN you would use the Home Visit codes? Does anyone understand the purpose of adding these codes and when you would use them? If so, please share your source so I can educate my provider. I have looked everywhere and can't find anything that truly explains it.