Wiki co-surgeon on a defib implant


Indianapolis, IN
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We have a scenario where our electrophysiologist placed the RV and RA lead for a defibrillator implant and two surgeons from a completely different group actually created a pocket in the abdomen, placed the ICD device and attached the leads. I would have thought my doctor could get reimbursed with 33217 and modifier 62 for co-surgeon but in this case, modifier 62 is not allowed. Do I have any options? :confused:
Per Cardiology/Cardiothoracic Surgery/Vascular Surgery Coding companion, 33217 is not allowed to be billed with 62, 80 or AS modifiers. I think in this case you would need to coordinate with the other group and make sure you bill for your physician's portion as they bill for their's. Then you could bill the 33217.
Thanks, Julie! I was even thinking that I could go ahead and bill the 33249 with a 62 modifier since my doc completed a portion. As long as the other surgeons billed theirs the same way.