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I have a situation where two of are doctors from the same specialty (cardiothoracic) under the same tax ID are doing a procedure together. Dr. A is doing a CABG while Dr. B is doing a Carotid procedure, normally performed by vascular surgeons. (Dr. B apparently is knowledgeable of and allowed to perform this procedure.) Would both these procedures be covered? How could I bill for this? Would I be able to use the 62 modifier even thought both surgeons are from the same specialty? Would Dr. B have to re-credential with Medicare under a “Vascular” subspecialty, should he perform the carotid procedure? If there is any literature on this situation please tell me where I could find it.

Thank you for your help, I appreciate any information you can supply me with. Once again thank you.

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You can only use 62 if both dr's did the same procedure (same cpt code) and both have op notes. In this case it looks like just bill the CABG under Dr. A and the carotid procedure under Dr. B. Also check edits for those codes because since they're in the same specialty the edit will apply. I work for a multi-specialty group and we get this all the time. Hope this helps.
Melissa, CPC