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Hamilton, OH
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I was wondering if someone had an answer for me. We do anterior approach for spinal fusions. My Dr. states that he has to expose for each level done and that we charge for every level the orthopod uses. We have been doing this and everything has been fine.

Now the problem is, the biller now for this DR does not want us to code for every level just the primary one.

How should we proceed?

Jamie Hamby
Dayton Surgeons, Inc

anterior spinal fusion co-surgery coding

I will be glad to look at this with you if you will please provide the codes in question. What is the orthopedic surgeon coding? What codes are your surgeon reporting? also, are the both naming each other as co-surgeons on their respective op reports?
Thanks! The problem is we are charging for the levels that the orthopedic is charging. Those would include 22558 and each addl level 22585. We are both using 62 mod or should be. I had the ortho office complain that we are charging for each level. We are exposing for every level should we not charge for that. I need some answers. Thanks
Correctly coded

From the limited information you have provided, I believe you are coding this correctly.

Our general surgeons use the same arthrodesis codes as the orthopaedic surgeons. The general surgons do NOT, however, code for the instrumentation.

Hope that helps.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CEMC

Thanks for the backup.

We go in and open for the orthopod and then charge for every level done. We do not charge for the instrumentation, just levels.

I did believe we were doing this correct. Thanks for the clarification.

Jamie Hamby