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Portland, OR
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I have a patient which is a dependent on her mother insurance. the patient has just acquired her own insurance through her employer. Which is primary? Now I would think that her own insurance is primary but the insurance that she is dependent on states they are primary because they have been in effect longer. I just don't feel right about it and have been trying to find documentation to either or to support my billing. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.
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per the set COB rules

per the set COB rules, the longer/short rule comes AFTER the employee/dependent rule.

Your insurance (ie you are the subscriber of the policy) is always primary over a policy that covers you as a dependent. The only thing that changes that is if we involve medicare, medicaid, auto insurance, or custody agreements.

Longer short typically only applies to an individual that is the subscriber of 2 commercial plans, which ever plan has been in effect longer is primary.

This is the document you would want to reference when you call the insurance to tell them they are wrong.

I hope this was helpful, I used to train this type of information