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Port Charlotte, Florida
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I just took the CPC exam and was wondering if this would be a good time to study for the COC exam. Is it similar? Since it is still 2017 I thought it would be a good idea to get another cert under my belt without having to go through changes in 2018.

Any advice would be helpful.


There is a strong emphasis on outpatient surgery. When I took the COC, I think I finished the first 120 questions in 2 hours and then I got to the surgical section. The final 30 questions took me another 2 1/2 hours or so. It didn't help that I had a splitting headache.
I think the COC is an excellent choice for a certification after the CPC. There is a focus on payment methodologies but there aren't too many questions so if you are strong in another area, it can help if that is a weaker point (as it was for me). There is a focus on outpatient surgeries. I tell everyone that with a little refresher, they can take the COC and probably pass with no problem if they are coding every day for work.
Signed up for COC

Hi there! I currently have my CPC and RCC (radiology Cert) and now I want to try for the COC. I currently code for Cardiology everyday both for hospital and office settings. Any advice on the COC Exam?