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We need some help in determining PMR coding, specifically treatment of “Tailbone pain”?


Patient has coccygodynia (tail-bone pain: 724.29) and low back pain (724.2).
Pt visit for coccyx nerve block injection.
Dr's procedures are as follows,
1) fluoroscopic C-arm was used to identify joint and view
2) 1% local anesthetic Lidocaine was given Sub-Q at that site via a 25 gauge, 1-1/2 inch needle, and then directed right down to the posterior coccyx, where nerve block was performed for the posterior fibers of the coccygeal nerve (somatic nerve block)
3) Steroids (60 mg DepoMedrol) were injected at split via Ganglion Impar AND in the joint space and also posteriorly along the distal coccyx.

2 questions concerning above-

 How can I code for #2) 64449 or 64450??
 How can I code for #3) 20605 or 62311??

Thank you in advance for your anticipated advice..........UMDNJ- MR Coders