Code 75716

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I am hoping someone can help clear up the confusion for me on this code. I have a physician who does stents to the SFA. While performing that he also does a runoff to the aorta and selective bilateral to the feet. So I code it as 37226, 75625-26-59, and 75716-26We get the stent and the aorta runoff paid but rarely do we get paid for the selective bilateral runoff. Is there something I am missing? I know that the catheter placement is included in the code however Dr. Z says that if this is a true diagnostic runoff we can charge for it. I am just wondering why we get one of the codes paid and not the other. Even CCI edits says that you can bill them together with a 59. Just looking for some insight from my fellow coders.

if I am reading it right Code 75716 is a column 2 code for 37226 but a modifier is allowed. so I would think that modifier 59 would be appended to 75716/59.