Coder Ratio to Physicians


Austin, IN
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Hi I have a question that has been bothering me for a while. We have 2 medical coders for a multi speciality physician practice. There are approximately 40 physicians in this practice. So basically we have 2 coders trying to keep up with 40 doctors with approximately 8 different specialtys. The Hospital owns the physician practce and feels at this time it would NOT benefit them to have another coder. Can someone tell me what is a good coder/ doctor ratio. In orther words... how many coders should you have for 40 physicians with 8 different specialities ?

I would like some kind of proof or just other office opinions. I am trying to reseach this problem.
We have about 20 providers (doctors, NP's, and PA's) and 4 specialties. We have 3 coders and 1 electronic biller. As coders we do the posting of office and hospital charges, A/R, appeals, and post payments. We answer patient billing questions and also do refunds to insurances and patients. I am getting tired just typing it. LOL! I guess it would depend on what your job entails and if the doctors do any of their own coding. Our doctors do their own coding so that is a tremendous help. If you have other duties besides coding and have to review all of the documentation and assign the appropriate codes, I would definitely be getting more help.

Good Luck!