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I am looking for information that states it is better to have a coder code records than a provider.

Does anyone know where to find?
Actually, you can go to the Corporate AAPC site and there's this article:

Sheri Bernard Poe, one of our AAPC leaders makes some comments that I completely agree with in that article.

That's not much, but it'll at least give you a somewhere to start.

One argument you might consider is that the Federal Payers review coding and charts by means of coders (not solely, but in addition to others). It is more likely two coders (who intimately know the rules, audit records and work the systems) are going to see things in a similar fashion than a physician "coder" doing the work. Just my personal opinion.

By the way, you might be able to work in the Medicare Modernization Act, which in part creates a standard for CMS to employ credentialed coders in some capacity.

Just an idea or two.

Good luck.