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Does anyone have guidelines in place or a signed authorization with their employer regarding what you actually have "permission" to do, such as changing ICD-9 and CPT codes on claims? Our doctors handle their own coding and I have to change anything that is not correct. I attended a session at the Seattle conference and a speaker said that she suggests to have something like this in place, but I am needing something as an example. Does anyone have anything that they can share with me?

Jeannie Hortman
changing coding

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I have a contract with each one of my providers that states whether I am coding from the dictations or coding from their superbill which they mark. I am under the impression that if you make any changes to their coding they must sign off on the changes. For instance if you code from their superbill, and it is incorrect and you want to make changes. You are to make the changes, discuss this with the physician, and have them sign the changes. I hope this make sense.

Linda Umlah, CPC