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Hi AAPC Members,

We seek to grow our library of free tools and would like your input. What tools would you find valuable? Is there a mobile app that would improve your work? Bring all of your suggestions to this thread and we'll see what our developers can do.

Thank you for your feedback!

I love all the stuff AAPC has to offer! The webinars are helpful, monthly chapter meetings offer great collaboration and the monthly magazine has some great articles. I think a mobile app that is specified to different specialties would be amazing.
If I may suggest, now that I have changed jobs, I am struggling to find information for coding in the oral maxillofacial surgery world. The Dr.s I work for are dentists and MDs. They do dental and medical procedures, including facial trauma, BSSO, Le Fort, neck dissections, cancer removals, grafts, ect. I would love to see some webinars in this area!! Thanks you!