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I don't normally code for GI, but this question has come up that I need some guideance on please.

What codes would you use for a "GI cocktail?"

The patient came into the physician's office with stomach cramps and vomiting. The physician diagnosed the patient with gastroenteritis and gave the patient a GI cocktail. I have the codes for everything else, but how do you code the GI cocktail? Thanks.:)

I agree. I do not have my CPT book in front of me but I recall using 99070 in the past. I once worked for a GI physician and this was how we billed it. Nine times out of ten, it was included in the E/M.
Psst, we use HCPCS code

J3490-unclasifed drug.

In are system over here we bill it out like this J3490.01- with the description of GI cocktail. Don't ask me why they add the .01, but it's an internal thing we do.
So I just recommend you use j3490 and see what comes of it.
I've seen payment on it. So good luck.

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I never thought about the HCPCS codes.:eek: I thought there was a CPT code for the administration of the cocktail. Thanks to all for the help.:)
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