Wiki Coding 2 E&M visits by different providers in same specialty


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I am needing to know how to code with a modifier or ? for an OB gyn dept . patient was seen by one nurse practitioner who ordered some tests in the am that provider was not in the office in the PM so our other nurse practitioner saw the patient for the follow up and results of the tests the same day in the PM. How can we bill for both NPs services? thank you for any assitance you can give :) Lori
Since the second visit was for the same problem, you cannot bill for both visits. What you can do is combine the documentation for both visits to determine your E/M code. Unfortunately if providers are in the same practice and of the same specialty they are considered one provider for billing purposes.
That should be determind by your office. As long as both providers have documented appropriately it shouldn't matter. I personally would bill under the second provider only because that was the more resent encounter.