Wiki Coding 73565 with other X-rays of the knees


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I have a practice telling me that you cannot code a 73565 along with any other x-rays of the knees. I cant find any CCI edits or any documentation telling me otherwise. Does anyone have any insite on this topic?

Thanks in advance for your time. :)
if there are more than one view then you would code the CPT describing how many views, standing is considered 1 view. There is some information on the ACR website regarding this let me see if I can find it.
Thanks, I am still searching myself. I would like to put this one to rest. I appreciate your help!
Jennifer, I talked to Medicare today and they stated that the only code that it will bundle with is the 73564 which makes sense as it is 4 views of the knee, she also did say that sometimes it can be a payable code if medically necessary and proven with notes. So the answer is yes, you can bill the 73565 with a 73560 and 73562 but not with the 73564. Thanks for your assistance. Gina