Coding 76873 with 76942- Radiation Oncology


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Hi there,
I have a debated question in our Radiation Oncology office. My Rad Onc Physician performs the Volume Study (76873) once the patient has been referred by the medical oncologist. In some situations he will do a volume study (76873) in conjunction with Fiducial placement (55876, 76942, A4648).
I know that there is a bundling edit for Ultrasound, transrectal (76872), however this is diagnostic and usually done in the urologists' office.

My question is, if my physician is doing a separate volume study in conjunction with the fiducial placement, can we charge 76873 and 76942 as long as we have the correct documentation? I know there will need to be a modifier on it. I haven't been able to find anything on the web related to billing 76873 with 76942, only 76872 and 76942 are considered bundled....or is it that since 76873 is "under" the transrectal ultrasound, that it follows the same bundling rule?