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One of our surgeons did a revision of a roux-en-Y and we cannot figure out what code is appropriate. "I had to take down the previous anastomosis, oversew the gastric limb defect and create a new anastomosis just distal to the prior one....I then created just distal to that site, a new Roux-en-Y anastomosis..."

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is this enough information? We were looking at 44120 or 43860 :confused:
I'm having the same problem. I can tell you that i've billed out 43860 already, and it got denied by BCBS because it's in the "Gastric Bypass" section of the CPT book. My physician converted a gastrojejunostomy tube to a Roux-en-y.
Corrected reply:

We use CPT 43659 with an explanation that this is a Lap Revision of a Roux with the Procedure Note.

If this is an open procedure use CPT 43848 if it truly is a revision of a "Roux".