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We have a claim that we are billing to UHC with procedure code 29806. The documentation is brief and to the point. It is as follows:

Findings: Small reverse Hill-Sachs lesion and torn posterior labrum with cartilage damage to the posterior glenoid grade 3 to 4 just on the rim.

Patient was postitioned in the lateral decubitus position. Patient was held in place with a beanbag. The axillary space was kept free. All bony prominences were well padded. The left shoulder was then prepped and drapped in the usual sterile fashion.
An anterior-superior portal was established first and the above findings were noted. A lateral-posterior working portal was then established with a Gemini cannula. The labrum was mobilized off the glenoid and the loose cartilage was debrided with
the suction shaver. The laburm was then repaired to the chondrolabral junction using a total of three Arthrex 2.9 mm short PEEK PushLocks with LabralTape. The anchors were placed at the 5 o'clock, 4 o'clock, and 3 o'clock positions to repair the posterior labrum. The LabralTabe had been passed with a 25-degree lasso.

UHC is stating that another code is more appropriate. Does anyone have any suggestions? We considered 29807, but that is for the upper half of the labrum.