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My co-worker and I were discussing this. AAPC and AHIMA are the two most recognized and respected organizations for coding certifications. It seems like private for-profit schools have 9-12 month programs for Billing/Coding, and some of them have "certification exams" that their students can take so that they can present themselves as "certified coders". Am I correct in assuming that these exams are not as rigorous, and therefore not as respected, as AAPC and AHIMA exams? I'm interested in opinions and thoughts about this.

Thank you.

John Methgen, BS, CPC-A, CPB
I've done a lot of coding in government hospital settings (VA, Army, Navy) and the jobs do require certification as listed in the job announcement. The only certifications they accept are from AAPC or AHIMA. So those two are considered the "industry standard" nowadays.
I don't recognized them

When hiring I don't recognize all of the other players outside of AAPC or Ahima as "certified" because I have seen so many scam programs pop up.

Kate Sovacool CPMA, CPPM, CPC
The program I did included the "certified exam" and I was able to choose if I wanted to go through AAPC or AHIMA
Certificates are pretty much meaningless. Certificate and certification are different things. There are some other credentials out there but outside of AAPC or AHIMA 99% of employers won't care or even know about them.