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I obtained my certification as a CPC-A in December 2011. I am having a hard time finding a job as one. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? I am looking to study for another certification like CPC-P, CPC-H, CCS, or CCPM and wonder what would be more valuable in the medical field..
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I just started a new coding job in May. I have a CPC and decided to look into another certification. I am working for an insurance company connected to a hospital so I wasn't sure if I should go for a CPC-H or CPC -P. After speaking with my manager, I am going to the CPC-P. She had talked to someone connected to the hospital and they recommended the CPC-P before the H. Hope this little bit of info. helps. Good luck to you!
I am a CPC and just started working in March this year. Sometimes it is difficult to find just the right job as a coder, but get your foot in the door maybe doing other things in a doctor office or hospital. Keep trying in your search or attend Chapter meetings. Others may have information with your Chapter as to who is needing help in their office.

Sometimes you need more college or training for the job you are seeking, but help is out there. Don't give up.
I am a CPC and a CPC-P. I am so lucky to have a wonderful job coding for an ASC. We currently hired an Extern from the Project Xtern thru the AAPC. Maybe you should look into it to see about losing the "A" from your CPC. Sometimes it is hard to find a job with out the experience. Employers see the "A" and assume you do not understand coding.

Regarding which exam to take---the CPC-P just seemed easier to me then the CPC-H. REason being if you do not have outpt coding experience in operative reports the CPC-H would be difficult. Understanding UB-04 can be like studing a foreign language.