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If I became a CPC-A this month, can I do previous months Coding Edge magazines (like the beginning of this year?) or can I only submit Test Yourself CEUs for the months to come?

The reason I'm asking this is because I read: All CEUs are based on SUBMISSION date EXCEPT for Coding Edge CEUs which are based on PUBLICATION date.

So can I submit Coding Edge Test Yourself CEUs that were published BEFORE I became certified?

I want to make sure the CEUs I submit will be valid. Please adivse. Thanks.
Hi Katie! Congrats! I also just found out I passed the CPC exam from last week. You can only count the Coding Edge CEU's from this time forward. I believe June's will count though. I became a COSC this past December and I used that month's magazine for a CEU. :D
Thank you, Kris. I called AAPC to verify this with them and you are correct.

A newly credentialed member MAY NOT claim Coding Edge CEUs from Coding Edge magazines that were published BEFORE they became certified. The month's Coding Edge in which you became certified CAN be used for a CEU and only Coding Edge CEUs from that month FORWARD may be submitted.
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